If you're serious about finding a product idea or taking your existing idea to the point of a successful launch, the MICROPRENEUR ACADEMY will be the best educational investment you make this year.

We are a widely respected startup and microISV community, as seen in...

The Micropreneur Academy gets it right through an intense focus on praticalities of product launch and getting the strategy vs implementation balance exactly right examiner

Today's interview features a successful software developer-turned-entrepreneur. [Recently] we spoke to quite a few web/software developer struggling to set up on their own... If that's you, you'll probably want to pay close attention to what this
has to say...


Hundreds of developers from around the world have enrolled since our launch over three years ago...


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You will save more money each month than you spend on your subscription
That's the end goal, isn't it? If the Micropreneur Academy doesn't save (or make) you more money than you put in by increasing your bottom line or getting you to launch faster, it's not worth your time or money.

You might be questioning whether The Academy can actually pay for itself each month...

Several current members were, too; members who have now been a part of the Academy for over 9 months. Members like Ruben Gamez who recently launched his first product to triple-digit recurring revenue in the first week.

I was initially doubtful that there would be enough useful info each
month to pay for itself, but I completely reversed my position on
that. One of my colleagues is running into major problems trying to
tackle these types of issues and I've tried to get him to consider the Academy. He really doesn't realize how much pain he's putting
himself through by not signing up for the Academy.
- Ruben Gamez

The Academy has saved me the price of admission in AdWords optimization alone. Trying to figure out on my own what I learned by reading the lessons would have taken me months and lots
of money.
- Charles Snell

The shortcuts and advice has already saved my hundreds of hours. If I had this earlier, it would have saved me hundreds more. - Ronnie Pitts

Why Should You Listen to Us?

  • We (Mike Taber and Rob Walling) have over 20 years of combined software
    entrepreneur experience
  • Our blogs are read by more than 20,000 developer/entrepreneurs each month.
  • Combined we've launched six products/websites in the past ten years and have
    acquired close to 25.
  • We both make a full-time living from our software companies.
  • Nearly everything we teach in the Micropreneur Academy we've learned through
    first-hand experience.
  • We have been in your shoes.

Mike Taber

Rob Walling

Don't take our word for it - see what successful Micropreneurs are saying about the Micropreneur Academy

"...highly practical information on creating a solo software company "
The Web Startup Success Guide

"Within The Micropreneur Academy, Rob has created a set of instructional modules that provide highly practical information on creating a solo software company."

- Bob Walsh,
The Web Startup Success Guide
"Both Rob and Mike are incredibly proactive"
John Gallagher

"I joined the Micropreneur Academy skeptical that it would help me. However, I took the plunge and I'm really, really glad I did. Both Rob and Mike are incredibly proactive . I get the feeling that when I launch version 1 of Lapsus I'm going to look back and wonder how I could have made it happen without the Academy."

- John Gallagher, Lapsus Time
"Every new lesson has monetizable tips"
Jorge Monasterio

"I've been a solo software developer and consultant for many years. I thought I knew it all, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the content of the Micropreneur academy. Every new lesson has monetizable tips and ideas that I haven't heard about anywhere else. The Academy is a great resource!"

- Jorge Monasterio, LogonPro.com
"The Academy has saved me countless hours..."
Glenn Feiner

"The Academy is proving to be an incredible mentor in the world of Micropreneurship. The Academy has saved me countless hours by providing a roadmap to success. I could not be happier with my decision to join."

- Glenn Feiner
"...useful skills and knowledge"
James Spittal

"It's a laugh to think that many of my peers pay thousands of dollars a year in university fees and learn a hell of a lot less useful skills and knowledge than what they could learn in one month at the Micropreneur academy."

- James Spittal, @jamesspittal
"Provides a wealth of information"
Kevin Horgan

"The Micropreneur Academy provides a wealth of information for a small self funded software startup. I recommend the Micropreneur Academy wholeheartedly to anyone planning on striking out on their own."

- Kevin Horgan, BalancedCode.com
"...is the only source of information"
Darren Fehrmann

"The Micropreneur Academy is the only source of information that's given me a clear path to launching a successful one-person software company. It would have taken me months, or even years, of trial and error to discover this information on my own."

- Darren Fehrmann
"...gave me a significant leg up"
Thomas Nilsson

"The Micropreneur Academy was invaluable for me in starting my first venture; the insight, experience and enthusiasm gave me a significant leg up."

- Thomas Nilsson, thoughtmuse.com
The Academy enrolls new members every four to six weeks.

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